We are committed to this planet and our place in it.  We live and work in the agricultural heartland of Oregon, and are responsible for the care of this place and what we are given from it.  That is why we grow our grapes in the most sustainable way we can. And when we harvest them, we create wine in a place where we monitor carbon emissions, energy use, and waste production.



Oregon is the cutting edge of the American beverage industry. People here have given up everything to pursue producing the best wine, beer, cider, and spirits in the United States. When you purchase a beverage made in Oregon, you can guarantee it was made from local products by people striving to make their voice heard on the shelf and in your home.



In our work, we labor with the earth to create our products. It is our responsibility to give back accordingly.  We farm sustainably, harvest with care, and craft with conscience.  We support organizations like-minded in their work.  That is why proceeds from Planet Oregon go to support the Oregon Environmental Council.